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Antique Georgian Pink Topaz Chrysoberyl Earrings

$8,450 USD

New Lower Price! Whether stepping from a horse drawn barouche in Georgian England or from an Aston Martin in 2011, these red carpet-worthy earrings are appropriate for any occasion requiring standout glamour. Fashioned of 15k yellow gold, this form is often referred to as a day night earring. The surmount or top can be worn solo or with the addition of the dramatic elongated drop make for a singular statement. Set with pink topaz and chrysoberyl, the combination of subtle pinks and pale yellow greens is ethereal and surprisingly versatile. Two petite pearls decorate the drop about midway down.

A lost art form, the gold work is of cannetille with minute wires of gold wrapped into three-dimensional elements. Used in combination with repouseé (the technique of taking flat sheets of gold and molding them into raised designs) and the use of granulation (tiny beads of gold) result in a sensational and highly wearable adornment. Very scarce and magnificent.

Date: Circa 1830.

+ Measurements, Condition & More

Measurements: Length of entire assembled earring including ear wire is 3-1/4 inches (8 cm). Day portion without wire is 13/16 of an inch in length (2.1 cm) by 1/2 of an inch in width (1.3 cm). Night portion is 2-3/16 inches (5.5 cm) in length by 1 inch (2.5 cm) in width. Weight for the pair is 18.1 grams (11.6 dwt).

Condition: Excellent overall. Modern 14k yellow gold ear wires with some silver solder evidenced to the reverse; a small plate placed on the back of the surmount to hold the ring to connect to the lower drop; some tiny amount of silver solder in a few crevices to the front bottom of one earring. Two topaz with small chips visible with a loupe.

Origin: Most likely English in origin.

Historical Note: The Spaniards were enamored with the gem chrysoberyl. Its unusual hue of chartreuse green combined with its highly refractive index make for a fiery gem. Discovered in the 18th century in South America by the Spanish, the English later took note and occasionally employed it in jewelry created during 1810 - 1840. Its use waned and it is rarely found in jewelry today.

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