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En Tremblant: Victorian Diamond Hair Ornament

Item 12337

Hair combs and pins were designed as ornamentation for the hair...in other words, hair jewelry. Although the earliest combs were made of wood, bone and ivory, as time went on silver, tin and brass were increasingly used. The early to mid 1800s saw a shift in materials to that of horn and tortoise shell.

Often decorated with precious gems and metals, this “jewelry for the hair” became de rigueur for those with an active formal social life during the later decades of the 1800s well into the 1920s. The Victorian era reinterpreted botanically inspired designs such as this radiant flower motif for the formality of evening wear.

Rendered in blond horn, this double prong hair comb or hair pin is just splendid. A realistic floral spray of an unbelievable one hundred-eighty (180) rose and two (2) old mine cut diamonds set within silver topped rose gold has been mounted en tremblant – a technique in which small finely coiled springs placed on the underside enable the jewel to “tremble” with the subtle movements of the wearer creating even more brilliance and shine from the bejeweled ornament.

Measurements: 3-3/8 inches (8.5 cm) in length by 1-5/8 inches (4.1 cm) in width not including comb by 7/8 of an inch (2.2 cm) in depth including comb. Comb itself is 4 inches (10 cm) in length by ½ of an inch (0.7 cm) in width. Weight of 29.4 grams (18.9 dwt).

Condition: Excellent

Date: Circa 1880.