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Rare Georgian Vinaigrette Garnet Ring

Item 12005

Flat cut garnets and seed pearls were almost de rigueur for Georgian era day time jewelry. With rings on virtually every finger, this 15k yellow gold beauty fits right in and not only in the fashion of the day but also out of necessity.

Stylish in its own right, the charming floral cluster design incorporates flat cut garnets and half-seed pearls in ridged crimped collet settings and sports lovely split shoulders adorned with leaf motifs and rolling curves. The slightly tapered reeded band displays additional engraving.

What sets this delightful ring apart though is the secret it holds. Very rare, it is a ring with a vinaigrette screen secreted beneath the face of the ring. A pierced and open gold work screen in floral form lifts up to insert within cotton wool saturated with vinegar or scented oils. The pierced grill allows the aromatic substances to release and mask the less than pleasant odors of the environment of the time. Quite the hedge against the lack of infrastructure during the 19th century in a most fashionable manner.

Measurements: 7/16 of an inch 1.1 cm) north to south on the hand in length by 7/16 of an inch (1.1 cm) in width and rises 3/16 of an inch (0.5 cm) off the finger.

Ring Size: US 6-1/4 (UK M 1/4; UK 17, 54 mm) and can be sized to accommodate most.

Condition: Excellent; a bit of wear to the garnets; some wear to the gold outer edges of cluster.

Date & Origin: Circa 1820 and is possibly English in origin.