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Royal Blue Sentiment: Antique Enamel Gold Bracelet

Item 11926

Jewelry referred to as sentimental is emotional in nature and meant to convey and record important events. No matter the reference, strong affect is somehow symbolically or directly communicated.

The memorial nature of bracelet is only just one of the many dimensions that add to its ultimate beauty. Flexible 18k yellow gold flat chain (serpent chain) provides the perfect stage to display the royal blue enamel decoration. Although this color is unusual for memorial items, the color was quite typical for the time frame.

Centered on textured gold is a blue enameled half-orb engraved with images of roses, petal flowers and leaves. Suspended is a matching photo locket also incised with floral and leaf motifs. The locket pendant was designed without a glass cover and rim; a tiny photograph was to be pressed under a permanent rim. There is space within the locket for two photos.

On the reverse of the central element is the engraved saying “In Memoriam GLL”. The locket back is engraved with “29 Oct 1858” most likely the date of passing of the beloved “GLL”. An ingenious concealed tongue and groove clasp secures the bracelet.

Measurements: 7-5/16 inches (18.5 cm) in length when worn by just shy of 3/8 of an inch (0.8 cm) in width for the linked chain; central element with drop is 1-11/16 inches (4.2 cm) in length and 3/4 of an inch (1.8 cm) not including drop. This antique bracelet has a weight of 23.4 grams (15 dwt).

Condition: Excellent; light wear as expected with age and use.

Date: Circa 1858.

Overall Scale: Medium