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Georgian Pearl & Amethyst Ring c. 1820

Item 11800

Jewelry from the earlier decades of the 19th century embodied more color as well as displaying a tendency toward a more ornate and rich design. Shapes ran the gamut from rectangular to round to oval. Stones, set closed back, were typically foiled to intensify their color and increase the perceived depth.

A large and lovely oval shaped faceted amethyst with a broad table has been placed in a mount of 9k rose gold and positioned within a crimped collet setting for a fine, finished appearance. A surround of lustrous and radiant natural half pearls bestows a crimped frame for the regal amethyst of purple with rose colored flashes. The shank has some delicate pattern work. Priced exceedingly kindly given its small condition issues to the reverse.

Measurements: 5/16 of an inch (2.4 cm), a width of 11/16 of an inch (1.7 cm) north to south on the hand and rises 5/16 of an inch (0.8 cm) off the finger. Amethyst is 11/16 of an inch (1.6 cm) in length by 3/8 of an inch (1.0 cm) in width. The band has a width of 1/16 of an inch (0.2 cm). This antique ring has a weight of 6.1 grams (3.9 dwt).

Ring Size: US 6-1/4 (UK M, Euro 16-1/4, 53 mm) can easily be sized to accommodate any hand.

Condition: Good; top is excellent with the amethyst lovely; all pearls creamy and white; back has a new plate covering entire oval; shank replaced and has medium to heavy wear with most of the detail and pattern worn.

Date & Origin: Circa 1820 and is English in origin.

Important: This ring should not be exposed to any liquids, water, cleaning products or harsh chemicals due to the nature of pearls and foil backed gem. If considering this as an engagement ring, please keep this in mind.