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Silver Victorian Butterfly Motif Locket

Item 11778

Lockets having two interior compartments are known as double box lockets. Crafted of silver and traditionally worn during the daytime, the front of this late 19th century Victorian oval locket is hand engraved with lovely motifs of butterflies, leaves and a rose. In the symbolic languages of this era, the rose is used to convey love or hope, the butterfly expresses the three stages of life and leaves frequently represent longevity.

A nicely detailed saw tooth and open worked appliqué of silver rims the front of the locket and frames the engravings. In addition, the perimeter of both sides of the locket displays a nicely textured scalloped edge. A lovely locket to capture a memento and photo forever.

Measurements: 2-5/8 inches (6.5 cm) in length including the bale and 2-1/8 inches (5.2 cm) without by 1-9/16 inches (4 cm) in width by 1/4 of an inch (0.7 cm) in depth. This antique locket has a weight of 28.5 grams (18.3 dwt).

Condition: Excellent; inner plastic rims replaced with modern ones.

Date & Origin: Circa 1880 and is most likely English in origin.

Overall Scale: Large