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Mirrors of the Soul - Portrait Diamond Ring

Item 11693

Taking the natural crystal structure of the diamond and cleaving it to mount into precious metal has existed for centuries. The portrait diamond, one of the earliest and rarest forms of diamond cuts is once again at the forefront. The diamond visually reads about 1.25 carats, although its depth cannot be measured since it is set closed backed (and foiled) thus we can only surmise. Irregular faceted has produced a large table (top) and 14 facets on the edges leaving it close to its unearthed shape.

Highly included, the inclusions become intriguing in themselves much like rutilated quartz with its needles of color. Color is hard to determine for the bright yellow gold mount and the gold foiling behind, it reads to the eye warm and like a glass of fine champagne. Reflecting light often in a mirror-like sheet of white, it has a variety of moods - from white to deep topaz hues. (In our photos the darkest portion which is actually reflection of the black camera).

This ring is all about using the natural material to its fullest and the rarity of the cut and the hand made setting. Extraordinary hand made ring in 20k yellow gold. It is constructed in the Georgian revival style shank and mount with tri-partite sides and air-tight bezel. However, we date this much later, probably to the 20th century.

Measurements: Central element is 7/8 of an inch (1.2 cm) in length by 3/8 of an inch (0.9 cm) in width. This ring has a weight of 6 grams (3.8 dwt).

Ring Size: US 5-1/2 (UK J 3/4; Euro 16, 50.25 mm) and can be sized by our expert jewelers.

Condition: Very good; light wear especially to the back of the shank (band) and softening or loss of two detail lines within the shank's design; some scratches to the gold when viewed with magnification.

Date: Circa mid 20th century or possibly much earlier.