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Edwardian Bohemian Garnet Drop Earrings

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Bohemian garnets are highly prized for their light refraction and intense coloration. These stones (pyrope garnets) were mined in the Bohemian region of Eastern Europe.

This pair of Edwardian pendant earrings employs the Bohemian garnet set in a method which differs from that of the Victorian years when these stones were typically set together very tightly in a pave design with little or no metal exposed. Victorian examples also were set closed backed, most often in rose gold gilded metal or gilded silver.

All the stones are set open back in gilt metal enabling the fiery claret red color to burst forth. Later date 10k rose gold ear wires (with a small gold base) complement the stones. The three-element articulated earring has a trefoil of faceted garnets that serves as surmount from which four smaller garnets forms a linear series which suspends a gorgeous tear shaped faceted garnet with the entire border edged in small faceted garnets.

Condition: Very good; later date ear wires with small gold base.

Measurements: 1-15/16 inches (4.9 cm) in length by less than ½ of an inch (1.2 cm) in width. Has a weight of 4.1 grams (2.6 dwt).

Date: Circa 1910 – 1920

Overall Scale: Medium length, small to medium overall.

Note: Bohemia is a historical region in central Europe occupying the western two-thirds of the present day Czech Republic sometimes referred to as Czechoslovakia.