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Antique Cannetille Citrine Long Earrings

Item 11391

Cannetille decoration was first used during the early 19th century when wars in Europe depleted the availability of gold. It was a technique which allowed a small amount of gold to appear far more substantial and with a grander bearing. Yellow 18 k gold, spun into wisps and flourishes hug warm brilliant citrines. This example dates to later in the century but retains the same flair and proportion of the Georgian examples while keeping open an eye on the budget.

Each teardrop shaped citrine is about 3.3 carats and the top oval citrines 1.4 carats for a total weight of 9.4 carats. The warm butterscotch hues mixed with golden sunshine amber along with the yellow gold are glorious. While appearing to be heavy these earrings are light and very wearable.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 2-3/8 inches (6.1 cm) in length by 1 inch (2.6 cm) at the widest. This pair of antique earrings has a weight of 12.5 grams (8 dwt).

Date: Circa 1880