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Victorian Silver Snake Bracelet

Item 11366

Slinky and long lengths sensuously wrap around and around your wrist with woven coils of Victorian silver. The stylized motif of a silver-tongued and bodied serpent tempts you not with a shiny red apple but with appliqu├ęs of rose gold stars all along its twisting body. Its scale patterned head draws you into a whirl as the red glass eyes transfix and hypnotize. Finely engraved detailing, sharp teeth and silver tongue are sure to draw you into its mysterious lair.

Condition: Very good; three minor indentions on the body with one next to a star a tad more evident, one on the underside of the head. Some patina which we are happy to polish lightly if so desired.

Measurements: 28 inches (71 cm) in length by 7/8 of an inch (1.2 cm) wide at the head. The body width graduates a bit but averages 5/16 of an inch (0.8 cm).

Date: Circa 1870