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Art Deco Butterfly Pendant

Item 11337

Incorporating the actual wings of the colorful South American Morpho butterfly, English designers during the Art Deco period made beautiful items of jewelry.

Framed with the traditional silver enclosure and convex glass cover, the iridescent blue of the wings of this vibrant creature creates a veritable palette of the blues in nature’s cupboard. Having taken the blue from the clearest skies and from the purest sea, the wings of this butterfly are not pigmented like so many of his brethren but have actual scales which reflect blue when struck by light.

Condition: Very good; some dimpling to reverse and one indention; light to medium wear as expected with age and use.

Hallmarks: Faded HW mark (maker's mark).

Measurements: 2 inches (5 cm) in length by 1 inch (2.5 cm) in width. This pendant has a weight of 8.7 grams (5.6 dwt).

Date & Origin: Circa 1930 and is English in origin.

Overall Scale: Medium to large.