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Gilded Knight: 17th to 18th c. Enamel Pendant

Item 11284

From the Renaissance through the 17th century, enamel was the prevailing decorative technique for jewelry. It was initially applied on a base of gold, silver or copper.

Here we have a later date example of a wonderful enamel set into a silver gilt mount. A twisted rope border of silver gilt surrounds and frames the enamel. A vivid pink background of paisley-like designs forms the perfect backdrop for striking colors of red, whitish-grey, sky blue, gold, black and white which virtually leap from the face of the pendant.

The image displayed may be a version of armorial bearings replete with bannered family motto of “Equiti Aurato”. This expression can be interpreted in more than one way, e.g. “Gilded Knight” or “Horseman with a golden bearing”. The helmet and neck armor (complete with necklace) lends a bit of credence to the knight reference as does the use of feathers which has heraldically symbolized obedience and serenity.

The reverse of the pendant has lovely and detailed hand engravings of what appears to be seasonal fruits and vegetables. Typically Germanic in origin, this flowing engraving and motif appears on various metal working of the period.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 2-3/16 inches (5.5 cm) in length including "O" fitting and 1-15/16 inches (4.5 cm) without by 1-9/16 inches (4 cm) in width. This antique pendant has a weight of 17.6 grams.

Date & Origin: Late 17th or early 18th century and is most likely German in origin.