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Victorian Banded Agate Heart Brooch

Item 11237

Transcending language and culture, the heart shape is easily recognized whether stylized or hued in a color other than the traditional red.

Here we have a delightful rendering of that universal icon in beautiful banded agate. Very much Victorian in material and design, the agate brooch has been faceted in a way that maximizes the thick distinct layers of toffee, café au lait, white and gray coloration. On the reverse hand-made gilt metal pin fittings reflect a naïve charm with the scalloped form.

Condition: Very good; agate is in excellent condition. Pin fittings were both made and placed slightly misaligned. We have verified that the “misalignment” was intended as an aspect of the original make up. When worn, the orientation of the brooch is not affected.

Measurements: 1-9/16 inches (4 cm) in length by 1-3/8 inches (3.5 cm) in width by 3/8 of an inch (1.1 cm) in depth not including pin fittings. This antique brooch has a weight of 23 grams.

Date & Origin: Circa 1870 and is English or Scottish in origin.