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Antique Shakudo & Ivory Bracelet

Item 11227

Just an amazing combination of antique ivory and the masterful work of traditional Japanese Shakudo make for a unique bracelet. Nine panels of time-touched ivory have been restrung with white elastic wrapped cord for security and flexibility. The main panel is ornamented with a beautiful tranquil scene of a bird grasping a worm within its beak as it alights upon a flower. The image is rendered in silver, copper and gold gilt mixed metal upon a purplish blue black field.

Condition: Excellent. Light yellowing and grain lines to the antique ivory commensurate with age; two interior back ivory panels have a darker streak; graining and slight darkening to the interior panels is a part of the natural material and natural aging of the ivory. The Shakudo panel itself is fine with very light even wear.

Measurements: Central ivory panel is 1-3/4 inches (4.4 cm) in height by 1-7/8 inches (3.6 cm) in width; the smallest panel is 7/8 of an inch (2.1 cm) in length by 3/4 of an inch (2.2 cm) in width.

Date & Origin: Circa 1880, Edo or Tokugawa Period and is Japanese in origin.