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Carved Labradorite Pendant of Medusa

Item 11189

Labradorite is known for its peacock blue iridescence within a gray green stone. In the later 19th century, it was quarried in Labrador in Canada and the finest examples flash with true brilliance. It has also been found in the Ukraine and Finland. The Victorian often used small specimens and carved them into tiny monkey heads, bird forms and animals mostly for use in stickpins or brooches. Rarely do we see larger examples.

Yes here was have a magnificent pendant of three separate pieces of labradorite. Circa 1880, the topmost pieces is intricately carved in the likeness of Medusa with faceted ruby eyes. Her hair coils about her head with the snakes finely rendered. This sits atop a polished thick oval of labradorite. Even the pendant bale is embellished with another shield shape example. At times the stone lies dormant with its mysterious gray green tones, yet move it, let it catch the light and it literally glows within with an almost magical electric blue.

Condition: Excellent.

Measures: 2 3/8 inches long in total(6 cm); 1 3/4 inches for the length of the oval (4.4 cm); it is 1 5/16 inches wide at the widest ((3.4 cm) and 3/4 inches deep at the deepest (1.7 cm). Weight of 25.7 grams.

Date: Circa 1880 and most likely English in origin.