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Insects & Blossoms - Shakudo Pendant

Item 11184

A superb piece of Shakudo of a lush woodland scene with leaves, flowers and small insects resting on the profuse flora. Even details of imperfections purposely crafted by the artisans look almost as if the insects have chewed the leaves to near transparency. Such hyper realism is intended to truly mimic nature yet one better. With its use of silver, gold and copper mixed metal this is a palette of texture and color. A silver top removable stopper has been added to make this Meiji period handle into a scent bottle pendant.

Condition: The Shakudo piece is in fine condition, this is a part of a larger pieces most likely a handle now made into a pendant with later silver top.

Measurements: 2 3/4 inches long (6.7 cm) by 3/4 inches wide 1.9 cm)and 9/16 inches deep (1.3 cm).

Date & Origin: Circa 1880, Japanese Meiji period for the handle; modern for the silver rim and stopper.

Note: Shakudo utlizes alloys of copper and other metals mixed with gold, copper or silver.