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Pastoral Swiss Enamel Pendant

Item 11176

Swiss enamels of landscapes and idyllic pastoral scenes were produced mainly around the mid 19th century. Superb enamelists, the Swiss took the art to a new level. Colors are made with powdered glass pigments and then fired onto a metal base, often copper. Multiple firings are required with each successive color. Capable of making it look effortless, in reality it is a meticulous and painstaking process.

Here a serene mountain scene reveals a white chalet nestled under its shadow. A calm lake laps at the shore with a background of lavender blue sky and rolling greenery. Encased in 14k yellow gold, it is ornamented with petite floral and leaf forms and suspended from a later 10k yellow gold cable chain.

A surround of 18k yellow gold ornate flowers and leaves holds the enamel fast. This may have been a drop to an earring but does not appear to be configured as such so indeed may have been a pendant.

Condition: Excellent.

Hallmarks: Chain is marked, "10k".

Measurements: 2-1/16 inches (4.2 cm) in length for the pendant without the added "O" fitting at the top by 9/16 of an inch (1.5 cm) in width. The chain is 15-1/2 inches (39.4 cm) long. Both the pendant and chain have a combined weight of 6.3 grams.

Date: Circa 1850 for the pendant. Later addition of a more modern chain.