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Forever Watched - Banded Eye Agate Pendant

SOLD Item 11171

For millennia eye agates have symbolized the mysterious inner soul and the watchful and protective eye. Usually these banded sardonyx agates are formed as a cabochon (rounded top and flat bottom) but this specific one is more unusual as it is concave or hollowed out. A tactile and visual agate, it is a very fine specimen. It is circled in 12k yellow gold (this was the gold standard used in England from 1854 to 1932). It has a rotating top “O” fitting. Rounded on the back in a convex manner, either front or back can be easily worn face up.

Condition: Excellent for the agate; one tiny area of repair to the rotating section of the top fitting.

Measurements: 1-13/16 inches (4.5 cm) in length with the top fitting and 1-1/2 inches (3.8 cm) long for the agate by 1-3/16 inches (3 cm) in width by 5/16 of an inch (0.5 cm) at the deepest. This antique pendant has a weight of 9 grams.

Date & Origin: Circa 1860 – 1870 and is most likely English in origin.