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Scottish Montrose Agate Silver Pendant

Item 11050

Designed to reflect ancestral and Celtic motifs, Scottish pebble and Scottish Victorian jewelry typically incorporated richly colored stones of agate, smoky golden quartz (cairngorm), jasper, bloodstone and carnelian set into silver.

It is a pleasure to come across a pendant crafted from agate as the majority of this stone was used for brooches and bracelets. Stone native to the famous Montrose agate area of Scotland have been set in a hand engraved silver mount.

Various hues of grey Montrose grey agate range from a solid color to those with amorphous forms and beautiful striations. Still retaining its original pendant bale, the central flower design is set off by four detailed horseshoe motifs. The reverse displays a thick sculptural silver back.

Condition: Excellent; one long agate has a small rough area on one side not visible to the eye.

Measurements: More than 2-1/2 inches (6.5 cm) in length by 1-5/8 inches (4.1 cm) in width. This antique pendant has a weight of 13.0 grams.

Date & Origin: Circa 1880; Scottish in origin

Historical Notes: During the mid 1800s Victorian England exhibited an unbridled enthusiasm for paraphernalia and trappings related to Scotland. Perhaps this result was due to HRH Queen Victoria having acquired a castle in the Scottish Highlands and becoming enamored with all things Scottish. Nonetheless, “as goes the Queen, so does the commoner”.