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Forever Watchful: Antique Enamel Cufflinks

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Victorian era cufflinks demonstrate the artisanship of the decorative metal workers of the time. Octagonal plaques of 18k yellow gold sport an enamel image across a matte brush gold surface. Gold bullet toggles connect to the plaques with gold chain links.

Elements reminiscent of armorial bearings of a family coat of arms have been carefully rendered in rich colors of black, red and white enamel. Standing proud and erect with wings close to its body, a black enamel Cornish crow or raven grasps a spring of an olive branch with green enamel leaves. Blazoned across its black enameled breast is a heraldic cross of white enamel. The crow rests upon a red and white enamel perch. Heraldically, the image represents an individual who is ever watchful over his family and friends insuring that affection and peace surrounds them evermore.

Condition: Very good with some restoration to the seam of the bullet toggles with very minor dimpling to that area. Light wear to the surfaces.

Hallmarks: “18” for 18k gold; crown for Great Britain; maker’s mark of “D&F”.

Measurements: Just shy of 5/8 of an inch (1.5 cm) in both length and width. The pair has a weight of 7.9 grams. The bullet toggle measures 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length.

Date & Origin: Circa 1900 and is English in origin.