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Victorian Delight: Piqué Antique Earrings

SOLD Item 11027

Victorian Piqué work, like so many other 19th century jewelry forms, can be found from the relatively short period around 1850 – 1880. With an overall effect and intricacy that is breathtaking this meticulous and painstaking procedure faded away never to surface again.

The small to medium scale in this size of piqué antique earring is rather difficult to obtain. A two element design displays the delicacy of inserting gold into tortoiseshell. The surmount is decorated with the then quite popular star motif. Fabricated by pushing thin gold wires into the tortoiseshell base, it is then filed flush with the surface. This technique is known as “piqué point”.

The suspended bottom orb is fantastic with the diamond cross hatched shape enclosing tiny gold floral forms and surrounded by a circular piqué border followed by a beautifully scalloped piqué edge.

Condition: Excellent with original ear wires.

Measurements: 1-5/16 inches (3.3 cm) including the war wires, 1 inch (2.5 cm) without by ½ of an inch at the widest.

Date & Origin: Circa 1870; English in origin.