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Antique Silver Dog Fob

Item 10869

Here we have a lovely example of a mid Victorian era pairing of silver and striated agate stone. In a seated position is a finely modeled and detailed figure of a greyhound or what is known in the United Kingdom as a “lurcher hound”. Set upon a base of translucent and opaque agate with bands both clear and brick orange in color, the sight hound strikes a most elegant pose. Head turned, looking behind and awaiting the command to perform his assigned task.

A sleek and contoured dog clearly built for speed has been realistically rendered. With powerful and muscular hindquarters and highly arched loin you can easily visualize this hound in action. The long and graceful neck has been ornamented with a rose gold collar with a yellow gold attachment fittings. A rose gold base accents the top of the un-engraved agate matrix.

Measures 7/8 of an inch (2.2 cm) in height and has a weight of 4.8 grams. The base measures more than 5/8 of an inch (1.7 cm) by ½ of an inch (1.3 cm). In very good condition with light rubbing to nose; one minute flea bite visible only with magnification on the top rim of the agate matrix. Dates to circa 1860 – 1870. Small in scale.