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Halley's Comet Carnelian Gold Fob

Item 10846

No matter how much is discovered about our physical world, one glance into the heavens and we are immediately humbled. It is a certainty that the populace of Georgian England had a mad romance with Halley's Comet with its 1835 appearance. In this gracious fob seal of agate commemorating the Comet, Sir Edmund Halley is immortalized as well.

In the foreground is an intaglio of the classically rendered profile of Sir Edmund; in the background an image of the comet streaking through the sky. Finely carved in agate, this antique Halley’s Comet fob is set into a solid 9k yellow gold mount. In very good to excellent condition with light wear. Medium to larger scale fob and English in origin. Base measures 1 inch (2.5 cm) by 7/8 of an inch (2.2 cm). Measures just less than 1-1/4 inches (3 cm) in height with a weight of 8.8 grams.