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Forever Faithful: Antique Dog Fob

Item 10813

For hundreds of years the dog has been a symbol of unconditional loyalty and fidelity. Known as “man’s best friend”, the devotion shown us by dogs is a heartening experience to which most of us have been privileged.

Carved as an intaglio into a base of citrine is a wonderful rendering of a sporting dog in a “hold steady on point” position in the field. Gazing intently into the distance, the dog awaits the command of his master—flush or retrieve the dog is ready to obey. Above the dog is the word “LA FIDELITE”, French for loyalty. It is interesting to note that historically the citrine has been used to symbolize the concept of loyalty. Silver gilt is the metal of choice for this small albeit ornate and well turned seal fob.

This would make a most welcome gift for any owner of a working dog or a devoted home companion.

Measurements: Base is ½ of an inch (1.3 cm) by less than ½ of an inch (1.1 cm). Measures over ¾ of an inch (2 cm) in height and has a weight of 2.8 grams

Condition: Good; wear to gilding at the high points, otherwise fine.

Date: Circa 1850 – 1860

Origin: Most likely English