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Gold Victorian Poodle Dog Fob Seal

Item 10800

Victorian tradesmen often had advertisements cut into the coat of a poodle and hired someone to walk around with the pup as a living, breathing billboard of the times.

No better way to introduce this circa 1850 to 1860 armorial fob seal cast in 18k yellow gold. It is nicely detailed in the form of a Poodle groomed in a modified lion cut complete with his pom-pom topped tail. The figure is posed in a standing position upon a base ornamented with a starburst pattern, swirls, orbs and flourishes.

The bloodstone matrix is engraved with a rather complete coat of arms. The double headed eagle crest is symbolic of the joining of two forces as is the vertical line dividing the shield (known as party). The arms of individual families of the husband and wife and thus displayed on each side. Both of these coats of arms indicate a familial history of military strength, fortitude and magnanimity. The small vertical and horizontal lines are used to depict colors when engraving is used.

Measures more than 7/8 of an inch (2.4 cm) on height and has a weight of 12 grams. The base is 7/8 of an inch (2.2 cm) by just shy of ¾ of an inch (1.8 cm). Condition is very good; medium wear overall; gold of head and tail rubbed smooth. Light wear to the seal; later date “O” fitting. English in origin and dates to circa 1850 – 1860.