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Diamond Moonstone Man in Moon Earrings

SOLD Item 10795

The Edwardian era is known for its eminent elegance and luxurious styling. This pair of circa 1910 earrings incorporates a number of the trends from that time with its use of platinum and mille grain settings. With an old mine cut diamond as surmount, fourteen (14) rose cut diamonds have been placed into a vertical stylized ribbon of white on white brilliance. Adding to the color scheme is a 3/8 of an inch (0.9 mm) circular moonstone cabochon drop highlighted with a bluish cast. Each of the moonstones has been carved with the then popular “man-in-the-moon” motif. The platinum setting and the drops both extend and enhance the whiteness and brilliance of the diamonds.

In excellent condition with the original small ear wires (which will fit most but can be replaced with larger wires). With an almost perfect length of 1-1/2 inches (3.6 cm) these Edwardian delicacies will rival the moon in splendor and mystery. The pair weighs 3.6 g.