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Enduring Forever - Jesus Carnelian Fob Seal

SOLD Item 10748

With its spiritual and Christian theme, this sublime large Georgian fob seal is carved with the image of Jesus and with the Latin words "Esto Perpetua". Translated, the motto reads, "Let it be Perpetual" or "Mayest thou endure forever!" This Latin saying can be traced back to a Venetian theologian of the 16th and 17th century, Poalo Sarpi. Certainly also a reference to Jesus and his lasting impact on the world and for the faith of his followers enduring forever.

In a 10k rose gold Georgian framework, the deep relief carving is superb with striking detail of the face, its long beard and folds of the hood. Of a deep burnt orange, the carnelian (cornelian) stone is noted for its use in many seal and fobs. Measures 1/2 of an inch (3.8 cm) in height; and for the seal just less than 1 inch (2.5 cm) by 1-1/8 inches (2.8 cm) for the fob. In 9 to 10k solid gold. Weight of 12 grams. Circa 1790 - 1820. In excellent condition for both the fob and its framework; light wear overall to the gold. Not only a visually striking object but also one of deep significance and age.