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Antique Turquoise Buckle Ring

SOLD Item 10655

The buckle motif has covered several centuries of jewelry design. The crest of its popularity was during the Victorian era when it was frequently bestowed as an acclamation of friendship or as a token of love. The buckle ring also symbolized the unity between two people. It was revived toward the end of the Art Deco period and the motif is still used to this day.

Rose gold is smartly set off with natural turquoise. With a mesh rose gold shank, a solid rose gold buckle is inset with six (6) cabochon half rounds of blue turquoise. Also of rose gold are a finely engraved belt tip and a well detailed keeper. Variable in size with three rounds for the prong. Comes in a brown leather box with a purple velvet and silk interior and is marked in gold lettering “J. Goulder Jeweller Kingussie” (Scotland).

The buckle measures 5/8 of an inch (1.6 cm) in width and the mesh shank is 3/8 of an inch (1.0 cm). The ring has a weight of 6.8 grams. Size is adjustable; size US 10-3/4 (UK V; Euro 20.5, 64 mm) down to a US 8-1/2 (UK Q; Euro 18.5, 58 mm) to smallest size US 5-1/2 to 6 plus a tad more (UK L-1/2 to L-3/4; Euro 16.5, 52 mm).

The ring cannot be sized any further; however, the fit is variable as the gold band has some flex to it; therefore if the size is close, the ring may fit. Please email us for additional information.

Ring is in excellent condition. The box may be original to the ring; it is in fair condition and rather worn. Dates to circa 1880 and the Victorian Grand Period.