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Amethyst Drop Georgian Antique Earrings

SOLD Item 10618

The artisanship of the Georgian era jeweler never ceases to amaze…nor does it disappoint even toward the end of that reign. After years of war in Europe precious gems and metals were relatively scarce and of course, very expensive. The designers on the Continent relied on the use of semi-precious stones, especially that of amethyst. Although most of the gemstones were usually set in closed collets or mounted in closed settings and lined with tinted metallic foils to enhance the color of the stone, at times large pastes or semi-precious gems were left open back. By 1840 almost all gems were open back; though please bear in mind that with every rule there is an exception.

Pendant earrings were perhaps the most popular style of the day. These antique earrings are day night earrings with three elements: a large oval surmount set with a single faceted amethyst that attaches via an “O” fitting to a smaller faceted oval shaped amethyst which suspends a pendant tear or pear shaped elongated drop of faceted amethyst.

Characterized by its neoclassical linear and simple lines, the top can be worn solo or more formally with the two-part drop. The beautiful amethyst color is a bit richer than the photos allow. The medium light lavender hue of the natural gems have a marvelous tawny color zone that is enhanced by the traditional 18k yellow gold setting of the period employing a simple bezel with butterfly gold “claws” and an incised line. Original Georgian 18k yellow gold back to front ear wires complete the look.

Measures 2-1/4 inches (5.5 cm) in length; the top itself is just less than 5/8 of an inch (1.5 cm) long by 3/8 of an inch (1 cm) in width. Excellent condition. Dates to circa 1820. English in origin.