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Antique Gold in Quartz Cufflinks

Item 10616

What can compare to the emotions generated by possessing a piece of American history? Not many can rightly make that claim, yet this pair of antique cufflinks marks an event that changed the course of the United States—the discovery of gold in California.

This pair of difficult to find antique American cufflinks has been made using ovals of quartz with veins of 14k yellow gold running throughout. Plain bezel set double-sided plaques have been accented by intricately twisted gold wirework and attached using an elongated oval wire bridge of gold anchored by rounded gold shanks.

Measures more than ½ of an inch (1.3 cm) by more than 3/8 of an inch (1 cm). The pair has a weight of 4.3 grams. In very good condition; one stone displays the natural vein of the quartz. No evidence of restoration or repair. Dates to circa 1860 and the Victorian era.

Historical Notes: Gold quartz was formed while the earth was still in its molten state. During its cooling and solidification process, veins of gold sometimes became trapped with the crystals of quartz. Much of the gold discovered in California was found in gold-bearing quartz. As a result of the Gold Rush skilled jewelers and goldsmiths flocked to San Francisco to take full advantage of the newly uncovered “raw material”. Thus evolved a type of American jewelry made only in San Francisco between 1850 and the early 1900s.