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Antique Georgian Emerald & Diamond Earrings

Item 10331

Spanish or Portuguese in origin, these late 18th century earrings are splendid in form and size. Lovely deep emeralds compliment slivers of rose cut diamonds with gems of a very deep and fine color. It is interesting to note that when you look at the profile or side of a gem (in this case the section that sits above the setting) you can see that the color is natural to the stone and not due to foiling. There are twenty four (24) small diamonds in cut down settings in each earring that gives the earrings shimmer without too much glitter. Four emeralds grace each earring - the largest measures more than 4 mm each way with the others triangular and rectangular in shape and a small emerald cut.

The style is a modified pendeloque form with three swaying parts and a center drop. The emeralds are a deep green with great depth and color. The earrings are fashioned of silver with a gold wash back and have touches of gold around the emeralds. The ear wires are of gold as well. In addition, there are added touches of incised lines in the form of acorn designs. Back to front ear wires typical of this time period are present. See page 112 of Michael Poynder's book, "Antique Jewellery and Price Guide" for similar examples. Measures just less than 2-3/4 of an inch (6.7 cm) in total length including a ΒΌ of an inch (0.8 cm) for the wires. The pair is in very good condition with surface wear on the reverse with a reinforcement of ear wire at the base of one earring. Circa 1780.