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Brincos a Rianha Spanish Earrings

Item 10155

If you turn to page 54 and page 55 of Mascetti and Triossi’s book, “The Earrings from Antiquity to the Present”, you will see almost the very same earrings. Spanish or Portuguese in origin, these are a variation on the theme of bow and drop or pendeloque shape that was so popular in the 18th century. This particular shape is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and is referred to as “Brincos a Rainha”—which characterizes the shape of stylized bow and bulbous near round drop below.

Fashioned of high carat gold gilt over silver, these are surprising wearable as their size is ideal. Most earrings of this region and period are often literally un-wearable due to their grand size and weight, but fortunately, these are a more petite version of the same design. Measuring just under 2-1/8 inch long (53mm) by just over 1 inch wide (26mm) and wafer thin - light as air. The metal surface is a fretwork of intricacies and the surface has points, which refract intense light and glint remarkably. In very good condition with original ear wires (front to back closure) and the original loop to stop the earrings from falling forward through the ear. On one earring is a restoration to the top point of the bottom drop visible only with very close inspection or magnification. Dating to 1790 - 1840 this style persisted for some time. Stylistically certainly 18th century; definitely modern in feel.