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Fit for a Queen: Antique Georgian Emerald Ring

SOLD Item 10080

Humankind has a fascination with the emerald oft spoken of in legends and lore since ancient times. The Romans dedicated emeralds to Venus and associated them with passion and beauty. As an outcome of the adventures and discoveries of Christopher Columbus under the sponsorship of Isabella and Ferdinand, Spain had access to a veritable treasure chest of gems and precious metals. Having opened up mines in South America, especially in Brazil, the Spanish developed a flourishing trade in gold, silver, and emeralds, which increased the availability of gems into the jewelry marketplaces of Europe.

A most handsome faceted oval emerald immediately commands the eye’s attention. With the gemstone foiled and placed in a closed back mount, a pinched collet mount provides the golden throne upon which this queen is seated. As though performing as the retinue of HRH, the collar of the setting and the entire shank are emblazoned with heavily chased motifs of leaves and flowers. The bifurcated or split shoulders graciously descend into a fluted band as it gently tapers to conclude the shank.

Size US 9 (UK R- ½; Euro 18.75). With extra care can be sized by our master jewelers. In very good condition; general light wear; stone is in excellent condition and is tight and secure in its setting. Interior back of band has been reinforced. English, c. 1820.