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Go Green with The Three Graces...

The Ultimate

Naturally EcoFriendly and Green, antique jewelry is the ultimate in helping the environment.

Becoming a caretaker of a piece of antique or estate jewelry is one small way to ease man's burden on the environment. Pass along the tradition of wearing antique jewelry. A surprisingly timely and modern choice both in look and in conscience.

Green Gems & Diamonds

Some of the stones and gems from our collections were mined long ago, and any replacement stones where at all possible are of antique origin. With the concern for "green" diamonds, and for human rights surrounding the diamond mining industry, antique diamonds are one way to be certain those issues aren't part of the picture with your purchases. Chosing antique diamonds is one way to ensure your purchase entails conflict free diamonds and gemstones.

Our Green Office

In addition, The Three Graces uses biodegradable peanuts in all our packing and shipping. Non-biodegradable peanuts may be used but are recycled from shipments we have received from others. Alternately, we use tissue paper to reduce paper waste. Due to our insurance company requirements, we do double box many shipments. Our office recycles paper and other products. Also, most of our records our kept electronically to reduce overall resource cosumption