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Ethical Conflict Free Engagement Rings, Diamonds & Jewelry

Go Green with The Three Graces

The Ultimate

Naturally EcoFriendly and Green, antique jewelry is the ultimate in choosing ethically sourced diamonds and precious metals such as gold and platinum while helping the environment. Becoming a caretaker of a piece of antique or estate jewelry is one small way to ease man's burden on the environment. Pass along the tradition of wearing antique jewelry - the ultimate luxury and of use and reuse. A surprisingly chic and modern look that naturally embodies peace of mind.

Engagement Rings

Receiving or buying a diamond engagement ring is all about emotion and symbolism. Eliminating any negative ethical associations just makes sense! Choose an engagement ring that is all about your love, commitment and loyalty - free of worry or concern for human rights or the environment.

Green Gems & Diamonds

Most all of the stones and gems from our collections were mined long ago, thus conflict free. With the concern for "green" diamonds, and for human rights surrounding the diamond mining industry, antique diamonds are one way to be certain those issues aren't part of the picture with your purchases. Choosing antique diamonds is one way to ensure your purchase entails conflict free diamonds and gemstones. Where modern diamonds are purchased, we choose Canadian or conflict free sources to ensure ethical diamonds only are part of your choice.

Our Green Office

In addition, The Three Graces uses biodegradable and recycled paper in all our packing and shipping where feasible and available. Use and reuse our words we live by, reusing packing materials and products, from note paper to boxes. Due to our insurance company requirements, we do double box many shipments. Our office recycles paper and other products such as cans and plastic. Our records are kept electronically reducing overall resource consumption. Most client paperwork is delivered via electronic means except where specifically requested.