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Client Services - Selling Jewelry

Payment within 24 Hours!

What We Buy

  • Antique Fine Jewelry (Usually over 75 years old and older)
  • Diamond Jewelry - Modern, Antique & Estate - Particularly with Diamonds over 1 Carat or Just Below
  • Signed Jewelry, Designer Jewelry - Boivin, Henry Dunay, Seaman Schepps, Tiffany, Cartier, Buccellati, etc.
  • Signed Antique Jewelry such as Castellani (Fortunato Pio, Augusto and Allesandro), Carlo Guilliano, Eugene Fontenay, Henri Vever, René Lalique and others.
  • Gemstones - Loose Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Other Fine Gems (natural and not synthetic), usually over 1 carat
  • Diamonds - Loose, large diamonds, particularly over 1 Carat in Weight without Enhancements
  • Natural Colored Diamonds - Yellow Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Pink and all Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds
  • Vintage & Antique Watches - Gold & Platinum Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philipe, Tiffany, Vacheron Constantin and other signed watches
  • Gold Jewelry, gold coins, silver coins and silver.

Note: Unfortunately, we do NOT purchase costume jewelry


The Three Graces welcomes photographs of your jewelry. You may email us your jewelry photographs or mail them to: The Three Graces, P.O. Box 2869, Wimberley, Texas 78676.


We are happy to provide a pre-estimate for what we might be able to pay for your jewelry. Here is a list of what is required for the most accurate pre-estimate of what we can offer:

1. Photos - in-focus, clear photographs.

2. Total weight of the piece in grams or pennyweight (dwt).

3. Measurements at least length and width. Rings need only provide length north and south on the finger.

4. Type of metal (white gold, platinum, gold) and if applicable karat fineness (14k, 18k, etc)

5. Gemstone - If natural or synthetic and size in carats.

6. Diamonds - Weight, color, and clarity and source of information (gemological laboratory report, appraisal) - a copy is helpful.

Without this information, it is very difficult for us to give a reasonable estimate. Remember, even with this information, once we inspect the jewelry, final offers may vary from the initial estimate either up or down.

How it Works - Selling Your Jewelry

1. Once we receive the photographs, and all the information listed above, we will contact you whether we can be of assistance.

2. We would then offer you an initial price range low to high we believe we can offer. This is provided the information we receive (photographs, appraisals, etc.) match with our actual examination.

3. If you wish to proceed, you would then ship the jewelry for examination and inspection and testing. In most cases, shipment is to our partner store - a brick and mortar retail jewelry store for your peace of mind.*

*We are happy to provide our references at any time during the process.

Fast Payment!

Within 24 hours you would receive an actual offer. If you accept, you would be mailed a check within 24 hours. If you decline, we will return your item(s) also within 24 hours by overnight shipment.


We are happy to make you an offer on your jewelry which you are free to accept or decline.

We urge you to compare our offer with other offers in the marketplace so that you are comfortable with your decision.

If you are unsure of our initial estimate for price, you may then compare this with other offers from other online merchants, local pawnshops, estate jewelry stores, etc.

Also, pricing in the jewelry marketplace can fluctuate so an offer we make today may not valid at a later date.

Obtaining an appraisal is one method of determining value. Remember that most appraisals are for insurance purposes and you often may expect to realize half or less of the stated value. This depends greatly on the appraiser, the item, the age of the appraisal and market and economic factors.

What is My Jewelry Worth?

If you are unsure what your antique and estate jewelry is worth, our expertise can help. Find out about our three levels of evaluation. We are specialists in antique jewelry and do not appraise modern jewelry. Remember, it is unethical for us to appraise your jewelry and also to purchase the same item so we are happy to assist you in one or the other service.

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