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Client Services - Gift Cards

The Three Graces understands how much choosing the ideal gift means to you and, of course, for that special recipient. Matching a gift to the personality and tastes of another can be a difficult task. Why not opt instead for our elegant Three Graces Gift Card instead.

  • Choose a card in any amount from $200.00 upward in increments of $50.00.

The benefits?

  • It is good indefinitely and it can be used in its entirety or in part. The remainder can be redeemed later.
  • Elegant -- it is printed on card stock with our logo, notes the recipient's name, the amount of the gift and the name of the purchaser. This arrives in a matching cream-hued envelope.
  • Moreover, certainly ultimate satisfaction is bound to be the outcome.

Please just email or telephone us to receive your card now.